HRMS Business Case Development

A critical success factor in attaining any ROI on Human Resource technology is the development of a strong business case. In the past it was sufficient for an organization to simply look at the impending Y2K crisis and justify HR technology expenditures on that basis. Savvy CFO's and CIO's are demanding production of a strong business case to support not only new implementation but any "Phase II" initiatives that will bring real value to the HR function.

At HRMS we specialize in building the business case for HR technology investments. Based on  a clear vision, strong metrics and conservative assumptions we can build an irrefutable business case for appropriate technology. We often find that the business case for HR technology is not found within the HR department (although some savings will result from standardization of policies/processes and the re-design of HR). Greater savings and the opportunity for revenue generation are often found through providing HR information to other parts of the organization.

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