HRMS User Requirements and Selection

Our approach to HRMS User Needs Assessment tends to be very different from most consulting firms. We believe that developing a user needs assessment is NOT developing a comprehensive list of things that every software vendor offers in their products such as  " The application must be able store both employee number and Social Security Number." It is more important, from our perspective, to understand that this is a global implementation and that the application must  be able to support all countries format for required employee identification numbers (including Belgium who requires two National Identification numbers).

We look for differentiating factors, the unique factors that are critical to your business. We look for an overarching technology strategy and ensure that HR lines up with the technology but still gets the functionality needed to perform it's critical role in the organization. Our methodology is focused on rapid and effective selection with an informed client. For more information read our article on Rapid Implementation, Life in the Fast Lane by clicking on the article title.

We believe that you deserve more than a process, you deserve expert advice and guidance from consultants who understand the business and are not learning at your expense. The consultants should rapidly present you with a short list of appropriate packages and guide you through custom designed selection scenarios to arrive at a finalist and runner-up candidate.

The consultants should be able to guide you through the vendor negotiations and save you significant amounts of money while alerting you to the important issues around implementation.

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