Human Resource Service Delivery
In Human Resources there are two important things:

At HRMS we focus on both items. How can HR Departments deliver the right programs in both an efficient and effective manner? Sometimes the answer is technology, many times it is not. We work with HR Departments to bring leading practices to their organizations and deliver them in the most appropriate way. Our methodology takes HR Departments through a process of aligning with the business of the organization as a strategic partner.

Using a variety of tools such as customer focus groups, survey instruments and structured workshops,  we help to bring a common understanding of where HR is today... and where it needs to be in the future. This is a collaborative process including all of the major stakeholders including executive management.

In some cases, the HR Department has a clear vision of where it is going and the key focus is on crafting the roadmap to get them there. For each major service and program of the HR Department we examine the optimum way to deliver it and what the overall impact will be on the organization.

There are many alternatives available today for program delivery, in person, by self service, on the web or through IVR but HR also needs to consider such approaches as  the strategic use of outsourcing, partnering, contracting or other means of providing the service without incurring major investments.

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